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How do you retain your best teachers and maintain high quality education within your budget?

When you partner with Arabic Daily you get access to


When your school joins Arabic Daily, you’ll get shipped our workbooks for all of your students. These workbooks contain everything you need: space to write notes, exercises, and a simple curriculum.

Learning Management System Integration

You will get access to our pre-recorded lessons that will instruct teachers on best practices to instill these lessons. In addition, Arabic Daily is able to custom make courses for your school if needed.

Teacher Training

Ustadh Faraz will provide weekly training to teachers to help guide them. Every school is different and needs to try different methods. Ustadh Faraz will teach you different techniques. Once a teacher completes these training they will be certified by Arabic Daily.

Online Material and Quizzes

Engaging High Schoolers can be a difficult task. We have incorporated fun games and quizzes such as Kahoot to increase their love for Arabic. This is also essential for teachers to assess the students’ abilities.

Arabic Daily’s Pedagogy

Arabic Daily has divided Classical Arabic learning into 6 levels. Each level is the equivalent to a semester. A student can finish the program as quick as two years and on average three years.

The first three levels fall under our Fundamentals Track. The goal of this track is to build the framework of Arabic.

The last three levels fall under our Reading Track. The goal of this track is to build vocabulary and reading practice.

Fundamentals Track (FCA) Reading Track (RCA)

Level 1

FCA 100

Basic Morphology – Three Parts of Speech

Level 4

RCA 220

Translation & Review

Level 2

FCA 105

Advanced Morphology – Inflection & 10 Forms

Level 5

RCA 240

Translation & Advanced Grammar

Level 3

FCA 110

Syntax – Sentences

Level 6

RCA 260

Translation & Research

The Course Curriculum

Here is a sample of our first level curriculum

– Be able to identify nouns in voweled texts 

– Understand terminology 

– Know the difference between indefinite and definite words 

– Able to properly translate إضافة

– Understand the different usages of prepositions 

– Understand the term مجرور

– Know the difference tenses (and how it differs from English) 

– Understand the trilateral root system

– Know قَدْ and the different meanings it has

– Understand how to get the future meaning in Arabic

– Know the difference between attached and detached pronouns 

– Introduced to the concept of fixed nouns مبني

– Know the different numbers, perspectives, and literal/metaphorical genders

Learn how pronouns attach to nouns and prepositions alongside pronunciation rules

– Learn how to conjugates past and present verbs 

– Understand how to properly pronounce verbs

Understand that present tense verbs take prefixes

Be able to different between an alif and hamza. This is a lot harder than you think!

Be able to form a command tense from a present tense verb

These last two weeks are used as a buffer. Oftentimes classes will slow down, or we may need more review. In my experience, having these two weeks to wind down the class is essential for success.


Package Access to Books Onset Custom Curriculum Design Online Materials Access to Learning Management System Teacher Training Program Custom Live Instructing

Schools looking for supplementary resources


Schools looking for a custom curriculum with teacher training

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Schools looking for a complete overhaul and live teaching

up to 2 teachers

up to 10 students

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